Beauty Products

Using Algologie products, The Makeup Factory, draws inspiration from the sea. It has been offering you some of its treasures for almost thirty years through a wide range of natural and innovative cosmetic products adapted to all skin types

Beauty from the sea... For thousands of years, women from Eastern civilisations have been applying sea water & sea plants to their skin with astonishing results. They maintain soft, dewy skin that doesn't show the signs of premature ageing seen by women in the Western world. Algologie has discovered the secret of lasting beauty from the sea & has created a comprehensive range of natural products containing active marine & plants extracts.

At The Makeup Factory I only use the highest quality skincare products in both your skincare treatment and homecare routine. Algologie is formulated in France and the unique Algologie skincare range is derived from the natural source of seaweed. Seaweed naturally produces essential vitamins and minerals, which the skin needs. Seaweed has a vast number of valuable properties, which benefit the skin in numerous ways.

Algologie products that have resulted from the research contain the richness and goodness of the sea, helping to rapidly improve the appearance of the skin. A lovelier, more youthful looking complexion very soon becomes noticeable.

The very same professional range of facial skin care products used at The Makeup Factory is also available for you to purchase for use at home as part of your regular skin care routine, allowing you to reap the benefits of beautiful, younger looking, fresher skin.